Great Reasons To Write In The Bathroom

Yep I admit it, some of my best work comes out of the worst room. But hey maybe that room just has a bad rap! Here are some reasons why:

1. You’re alone! I mean do you even need another reason??!!! If you say to your family that you have to go “#2” you have a pretty good chance of getting at least a few moments of quiet alone time. Let’s face it, no one wants to smell that, so they’re staying away!

2. Nothing better to do. While on the throne your entertainment options are limited, so why not write?! Now you’re being doubly productive!

3. Contemplation. There’s nothing like a normal bodily function to get that brain working. What better time to ponder the meaning of life and joy some of those realizations down!

4. No one will ask you to do things for them. This may be the one point in your day where your project can take priority over all the requests others make for help with theirs. I mean who’s gonna bring their homework into the bathroom for you look at the 4th question they can’t seem to answer on their own!? Or ask for crafting advice, aka please do it for me!

5. No interruptions! Much like # 4 this one gives you reprieve from all the juice, food, play date, and I need you to buy me this, requests. This may be your opportunity to have a few minutes of uninterrupted peace. Why not write when you can hear your own thoughts?!

6. Inspiration. Ok this one may seem a little strange, but maybe you’ve just escaped the loud hustle and bustle of the 10 kids that came over to your house to play; again. Or maybe you’ve just got home from a shopping trip in which more begging happened than on a busy downtown street corner. Either way you probably ran into someone or something that inspires a character or situation that you can write about. With all that quiet in your little cubicle with a door, you can write about it.

7. There’s a lock on that door! This one is for everyone with young kids who aren’t deterred by the bathroom smells and still come wandering in. Yep it happens! This is perhaps the only door in your room that you can justifiably lock on your kids. By which I mean lock your kids out! You may be lucky enough to have one on your bedroom door, but I can guarantee that you’ll get a lot more questions when you lock that one!


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