Time of Age

Strange things happen to you as you get older.

Time does this funny thing where it speeds up and moves sideways to the point where you no longer have any idea what day it is. You forget things that seem really important and would probably have been easy to remember just a few years ago. So you decide you are going to get organized and after adding your appointments, bill due dates, kids activities and special events into your digital phone calendar, email calendar, and writing them on four different paper calendar- you still forget because you can’t find your phone, what was your email password again? And who looks at paper calendars anymore???!!!

So what do you do? Well this brings us to another thing that happens as you get older. You accept the fact that you are completely imperfect and role with it. Maybe even laugh with friends about it. You enter the age of “take me as I am”. You still try to keep organized. You try to do things like read and write and learn new things to keep your mind from completely fleeing the cope. But overall you accept the fact that you are not 20 anymore. Well most of the time anyways. I mean I still love getting carded at the liquor store!!


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