Blissfully Loud

I LOVE yoga! In fact I have a daily practice (give it take a Sunday here and there) at home with my favourite YouTube yoga teacher Adriene. It gives me peace and exercise all in one. A self journey so to speak. No that's exactly what it is. It's my religion. As a part of... Continue Reading →


Poor Patient

I am such a baby when I'm sick!  And it seems that it only getting worse as I get older.  Or perhaps it's as my kids get older.  It's almost like the instincts that give me "mommy mode" know that the kids are old enough to entertain themselves for long enough while I nap, or... Continue Reading →

Body Trap

I am like most women my age who have had kids - pudgy around the middle. We seem to have been caught in a trap of never being able to lose and keep off the weight we gained from carrying our children. I guess it's an understandable occurrence,  the thing is, our mothers didn't seem... Continue Reading →


I am a strange one. I love animals. I love trees and flowers. I love fish and reptiles. Basically I believe that ALL life is precious - even bugs. But I do like to eat meat.  So am I a hypocrite? Ok so there's a spider in my house or a beatle, I will actually... Continue Reading →

#Yogalosophy Journal Day 4

Be Grateful So today's chapter is about being grateful. I find this fitting seeing as I just wrote a blog about how meeting my kid's Xmas expectations is stressing me out. Gratitude is a funny thing. It's easy to say we should be grateful or happy with what we have but its in our nature... Continue Reading →

Yogalosophy Journal Day 3

Senses So this is actually for yesterday, I'm just having time to write it now. Yesterday was about listening to and appreciating your senses. Most of us really do take them for granted and don't take the time to really enjoy what's around us. I am guilty of this. So I used a nice smelling... Continue Reading →

Well That Didn’t Work

It's amazing how quickly life can get in the way of good intentions! I think one of the most important skills or lessons you can learn in life is adaptation. Any diet or exercise plan that doesn't allow for that will not work. I'm living proof. Now this isn't to say I've completely given up... Continue Reading →

#Yogalosophy Journal Day Two

Setting Goals So today's lesson was about setting small short term goals so that you have greater success achieving them and are therefore more apt to continue on the path. I agree with this concept. I guilty of getting to far ahead of myself and losing focus on the task at hand. I also take... Continue Reading →

#Yogalosophy Day 1 Journal

INTENTION So fittingly the challenge starts off with setting an intention for what you want. This may sound easy at first but I feel like I need to dig deeper than the obvious, to be healthier and thinner. I think what I really want is to regain some of myself back from what I lost... Continue Reading →

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