Some days!

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, there will always be days when you wish you had not gotten out of bed! These days will seem soooo much longer than other days. They will seem like you just can't make it through them. They may even extract a tear or... Continue Reading →

Excuse Me, Pardon Me

I am continually shocked by the absolute lack of manners, respect and adherence to the rules of etiquette that exists in our society!! As intelligent as we humans have become, the ability to be respectful of those around us seems to still be elusive. A prime example of this is something I see every morning... Continue Reading →


Monday I'm sorry but I hate you! I hate you because you mean the end of my weekend, I hate you because I have to get up earlier again, I hate you because things always go wrong on Monday, And because people seem less friendly and more crazy! It may not be fair, But Monday... Continue Reading →

Another Year, Another Try

I just turned another year older and I'm trying hard to find the joy in getting older. I should be happy, even celebrate the fact I've managed to live another year. At one time in history that would have been nearly miraculous. In the here and now though it is more like a reminder of... Continue Reading →

Mommy It Hurts

I've been wanting to write this for a week now. Almost to the day. On this day a week ago my son's beloved hamster died. He found the furry little guy in his cage already gone when he went to take him out to play. Ham Diggity was 2 1/2, which is a pretty good... Continue Reading →

Blissfully Loud

I LOVE yoga! In fact I have a daily practice (give it take a Sunday here and there) at home with my favourite YouTube yoga teacher Adriene. It gives me peace and exercise all in one. A self journey so to speak. No that's exactly what it is. It's my religion. As a part of... Continue Reading →

But It Hurts

Why is that doing the right thing always hurts?!  Take shoveling your neighbour's driveway for instance; this hurts!  Literally.  You're out shoveling the pile of freshly plowed snowed from the bottom of your driveway, because you are on the evening or night shift and you just know that there is no way that your neighbour... Continue Reading →

The Power of Happy

Do you have the moments when all the stresses of life melt away and you are consumed by a wave of happiness? They can be simple moments. Times when the universe aligns for a moment and everything seems right. A random heartfelt hug from your child; a perfect date with someone you love; a trip... Continue Reading →

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