Mommy It Hurts

I've been wanting to write this for a week now. Almost to the day. On this day a week ago my son's beloved hamster died. He found the furry little guy in his cage already gone when he went to take him out to play. Ham Diggity was 2 1/2, which is a pretty good... Continue Reading →

Sleepless Nights

So we have had our puppy for almost two months now and she is 3 months old. How has it been going, you ask.'s not easy to care for such a young dog. They really are babies and ours is no exception. We still get up in the night and early morning to let... Continue Reading →

Falling in Love All Over Again

I've fallen in love again! I wasn't sure it could happen but it did. And I'm not the only one. The whole family has fallen madly in love with Lilly our Jack Russell Terrier puppy. I had hoped that getting a puppy would bring happiness, and fun to our family along with the lessons of... Continue Reading →

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