Boy Was I Off!

So yesterday my soon to be eight year old asked me when is the first day of winter. So I tell her it's December 21. Then I say but I bet it snows a little tomorrow for Halloween. Me and my big mouth!!! So this morning I go to take the puppy out to pee... Continue Reading →


Please Don’t Die On Me!!!

And my love hate relationship with technology continues! My laptop is dying a slow and painful death. It started a year ago and I had it "fixed" but now it's started again. It freezes and shuts down. It is slow as anything. Problem is I know the technology is antiquated because it's all touch screen... Continue Reading →

My Techno Love Affair

I drive my husband mad with my techno mini obsession.  He doesn't understand it all as he is not a fan of computers, smart phones or gadgets.  He has other interests.  And that's fine; we can't like all the same things!  Technology is a hard thing to have a love affair with though.  It is... Continue Reading →

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