Great Reasons To Write In The Bathroom

Yep I admit it, some of my best work comes out of the worst room. But hey maybe that room just has a bad rap! Here are some reasons why: 1. You're alone! I mean do you even need another reason??!!! If you say to your family that you have to go "#2" you have... Continue Reading →

The Definition of Me

The question of what defines us as individuals has been asked by many professionals and individuals alike.  For some of us it's our careers, for others it's our heritage and for some their baggage.  I think for all of us though there is an element of our personalities that we each cling to and derive... Continue Reading →

Now I See

I saw you standing there; You looked so sad, so tired and worn down.  I wondered how you got there.  Where all you joy, and spunk had gone.  It was shocking to see you.  I hadn't realized how bad it had got.  But I don't look at you often.  I don't really SEE you.  And... Continue Reading →

Do Dreams Come True?

Disney has made a fortune telling us that "when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true".  And they aren't the first or only ones that do that.  Think back; what did you dream of or wish for when you were little?  What do your kids wish for now?  What do you wish for... Continue Reading →

I Hear Stories In My Head

For as long as I can remember I've had a whirlwind of adventures, tragedies, poems, romances and anything else you can think of, invading my head. This is very possibly quit normal for a writer, but it can also be quit noisy! The main problem I have with this constant creative invasion, is my lack... Continue Reading →

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