Join Them!

Video games are more popular than even and you'd be hard pressed to find a kid out there who hasn't played one. There's a lot of controversy and debate over the worth and problems that arise from our children being raised in a technical world, but honestly I believe it's like anything else, moderation is... Continue Reading →

Kicking Myself 

Ever have those moments where you're kicking yourself for the way you've been raising your kids? Like not "Oh my God I've raised a monster", moment but a "great now you're a picky eater" moment.   Or, like I just had, a "why did I let them play video games and watch tv" moment.  It... Continue Reading →

I’m Turning That OFF!

I can remember when Nintendo came out with their first gaming system and we could play Super Mario Brothers at home.   I had to wait for the second generation of systems and the game in my household, which I am quite sure I begged for.  This was arguably the beginning of a new era in how... Continue Reading →

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